This Video That Appears To Show Swimmers Walking Under Water Is Mind-Boggling

Synchronized swimming might not be a sport that gets a lot of attention, but that’s about to change.

When you see this absolutely hypnotic video of synchronized swimmers perform this routine, you won’t be able to look away. The video appears to show swimmers “walking” underwater.

Wondering how the heck this is possible? Has someone re-written the laws of physics? No, it’s just an upside-down camera shot at work!

When we normally watch synchronized swimmers, we generally just see the top of the water and their legs twirling about rhythmically. But, thanks to this upside-down view (and this extremely clear water), we can see the swimmers from a whole new angle. And it really shows the amazing skill and grace that goes into this sport.

synchronized swimming photo
Getty Images | Clive Rose

Synchronized swimming has been part of the Olympics since 1952. The sport combines dance, gymnastics and swimming, and underwater speakers allow the swimmers to hear their performance music even while they are underwater. As this video shows, athletes have to be extremely physically fit, as they must be able to lift and flip each other out of the pool without touching the bottom.

Can you imagine being able to do this in the water?!

synchronized swimming photo
Getty Images | Streeter Lecka

Incredible, right?

I have a ton of newfound respect for the sport of synchronized swimming after seeing how powerful and fit these athletes are. It’s truly awe-inspiring:

synchronized swimming photo
Getty Images | Clive Rose

And here is something interesting: Humans aren’t the only ones who do synchronized swimming. Schools of fish “synchronize” their swimming patterns with one another, and in fact, scientists have actually studied their ability to synchronize in order to help create robotic cars. Researchers say that “because schools of fish rarely suffer from crashes or congestion, the rules they use could also potentially be applied to robotic systems to solve traffic problems.”

Who knew? Our latest automobile technology is pulling from animal behavior in order to make our roads safer. Yep, synchronized swimming is definitely epic!