These magical glasses will turn your wine into rainbows

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is well known for their trendy-yet-affordable housewares. The behemoth retailers’ latest glassware offering can truly add some magic and sparkle to your dining table. Behold, the rainbow coupe glass!

So pretty, right? But it’s not the actual glass that’s colored—these wine glasses get their rainbow hue from an iridescent, translucent RBGV coating on the bottom.

The gorgeous glasses are $39 and come in a set of two. Each glass holds six ounces of liquid and stands 5 inches high, hence the “coupe” name—these babies are compact, not really meant for a gigantic pour of your favorite Cabernet, but they’re perfect for a splash of bubbly!

Urban Outfitters

While the rainbow coupe glasses are absolutely perfect for, say, sipping rosé on a balmy night, we think they’d be great for so many different occasions and beverages. Make a party magical with the fun addition of colorful glasses. Add some rainbow goodness to your lemonade, soda or plain old water … or cheer up a random Tuesday by putting these on your dinner table.  Kids would probably enjoy the coupe glasses, too, especially on special occasions. Fill them with sparkling cider, and you’ve got the makings for a family-friendly party!

And of course, these are the best possible glasses for toasting, especially with Champagne. How cool would it be to raise your glass full of bubbly in the air and enjoy the beautiful prismatic effect?!

Reviews of the glasses on the Urban Outfitters website say the rainbow coating can easily come off, so it’s probably best to carefully hand wash them. The glasses are only available on the website of Urban Outfitters, so unfortunately you won’t be able to pick them up in-store, even if you live near a UO retail location.

Combine the rainbow coupe glasses with the 12-piece electroplated flatware set, also from Urban Outfitters, and you’ll be all set to have the most colorful tablescape around. For other cool utensil sets, check out our post on unique flatware.

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