Usain Bolt’s Top Speed Compared To Cheetahs, Michael Phelps And More [INFOGRAPHIC]

Usain Bolt took gold in the men’s 100-meter race in Rio this week, donning him the “World’s Fastest Man” title for the third Summer Olympics in a row. And Thursday night, he won the 200-meter race for the third time in a row as well. Because, ladies and gentlemen, this man is a legend.

The Jamaican phenom’s top speed has been clocked at 27.7 mph. In other words, he can run faster than you can drive through a school zone. But how else does Bolt’s speed stack up against other famously fast individuals out there? A cheetah, for example? Or, say, Michael Phelps in the pool?

Business Insider put together this nifty infographic to help us compare and contrast. As you can see, Bolt’s top speed is—incredibly—5 mph faster than an average Olympic sprinter’s minimum qualifying speed and 17 mph faster than an average bike rider. While Phelps is one of the fastest guys in the pool, that drag in the water is legitimate. His top speed is 6 mph.

The only creatures capable of outrunning Bolt, it seems, are freaky fast animals. That’s how fast he is.

Business Insider