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Use This Instead Of Butter To Make Your Grilled Cheese Absolutely Delicious

Have you seen the commercials that promote this new method?

No matter how old you get, you’ll never outgrow your love of a grilled cheese sandwich. Because really, there’s nothing better than when bread is been toasted to perfection and cheese combine, is there? I didn’t think so.

If you thought you couldn’t love grilled cheese more than you already do— get ready to be amazed. This trick for making the perfect grilled cheese sandwich will bring you an entirely newfound appreciation for the food.

So, here’s the thing: instead of spreading butter on the bread right before dropping it into the skillet, you’re going to spread a layer of mayonnaise.

Not only will this add a little creamy flavor, it will also help your bread toast just the way you like it, without burning. Because we’ve all burned a grilled cheese or two in our day, right? Well, not anymore.

According to PureWow, mayonnaise will ensure your bread is golden brown because mayonnaise won’t burn as easily as butter. It’s the oil and egg in the condiment which allows for the brown coloring and all of that added flavor.

And Hellman’s must agree – they recently released a commercial to promote using their mayo to craft the perfect grilled cheese. Mmm. Mmm. Mmm.

So, who’s in the mood for a grilled cheese? Pull out the mayonnaise and heat up the skillet, the most delicious sandwich of your life is coming right up!

[h/t: PureWow]