Teacher Uses LEGO Bricks As A Fun Way To Teach Children About Math

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Does your child or class struggle with math? A third grade teacher and Scholastic blogger, Alycia Zimmerman, has been using LEGO bricks to explain introductory math to her students and it’s catching on like a wildfire.

Because the LEGO bricks are mostly assembled in pairs, it makes it easier for children to recognize patterns and add, subtract, multiply and figure out more complex equations (like fractions, building square numbers, etc).

The benefit for teachers is this is also pretty a affordable, long lasting teaching tool (as long as no one chews on them).

By simply sending a letter or note home with students at the beginning of the year, kids can bring in a baggie of extra LEGO bricks that they no longer use. I also found gently used LEGO bricks being sold in bulk.

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To help parents and teachers across the country, Zimmerman created free printables for you to download:

LEGO for Part-Part-Total Understandings (six and ten)

LEGO Part-Part-Total Diagram

Exploring Multiplication & Division with LEGO

Exploring Equivalent Fractions with LEGO

Exploring Mean, Median, Mode & Range with LEGO

Here’s some examples of her constructive play:

Part Vs. Whole


Building Square Numbers