5 Useful And Practical Health Tips From Nurses

When it comes to treating little bumps and bruises, no one knows how to deal with these ailments better than a nurse. Sometimes we find ourselves in a pickle and aren’t quite sure how to remedy a situation.

At these moments, wouldn’t it be great to have a medical professional at our side at all times? Although that’s not really a possibility for most of us, we can keep with us a plethora of tips from medical professionals on how to deal with everyday mishaps and boo-boos.

Next time you face a medical non-emergency, consider these five useful medical tips used by nurses and medical professionals alike. The good news is, anyone can easily do them at home, and they’ll come in handy for a variety of situations.

1. Use Superglue On Cuts

If you have an open cut and don’t have any bandages, you can use superglue to seal and protect your wound. As long as it isn’t a deep, intense cut, you can use a little glue to protect your cuts and scrapes (the operative word here is minor) and help them heal. Just apply a little bit to the cut to bind it together.

super glue photo
Photo by Bennyboymothman

2. Stop Bleeding With A Tampon

You may have heard jokes about it, but it actually works. If you have something like a nosebleed, cut a tampon in half and stick it up your nose to absorb the blood — just don’t put it in too far. You can also use a sanitary pad like a cloth for other types of bleeding on different parts of the body.

tampon photo
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3. Use Baking Soda For Mosquito Bites

If you’ve got an itchy insect bite, make a paste with baking soda and water, and add to the affected area. Let sit for 10 minutes, then wash it off. This should help reduce inflammation and relieve itchiness.

baking soda photo
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4. Treat A Sting With Honey

Did you know that honey is a natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory? Place some directly on a mosquito bite or bee sting (ironically) to help alleviate symptoms.

honey photo
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5. Get Off Grime With Shaving Cream

Got a sticky substance stuck to your hand? Wash your hands with some shaving cream. It can not only help get gunk off your hands but help remove stains from fabrics such as carpet as well. Just make sure you choose the traditional white kind, which works best.

shaving cream photo
Photo by apswartz