12 Uses For Zip Ties You Probably Don’t Know About

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Since 1958, zip ties (also known as cable ties) have been gracing us with their handy, clasping-things-together presence. Currently, you may use them to bind together loose cables and cords.

However, the plastic/nylon ties do a lot more than that. Plus, they are CHEAP (you could get a pack of 100 for just $1.80!), and you can use different colored one for different purposes.

So, there’s no reason not to carry a stash of them around with you—some in your purse, some at work, some in the glove compartment of your car. Because, as you’re about to find out, zip ties are the true definition of a multiple-purpose product.

1. Unclog A Drain

Yep, you read that right. You can unclog a drain… with just a zip tie! You will want to have a long zip tie, and then you’ll cut diagonal lines into each side before putting it down the drain.


2. Child-Proof Your House

Having company or want to keep your kids from getting into certain drawers and cabinets? Yep, just add zip ties around two cabinet knobs or other areas of the house that children should not get into.



3. Hang Things Up

Whether you’re indoors or out, zip ties are like hangers—you can hang anything from them, like clothes or dog food that you’re tired of the dog finding within his reach.


4. Make A DIY Toilet Handle

While you’re in the bathroom, do you need a last-minute toilet handle? In this case, the person used a key ring along with a zip tie, but a zip tie alone will work, too.


5. Affix Spring Flowers Together

Whether you’re making a bouquet from Spring flowers in your backyard or buy some at the store, zip ties can help keep all the stems together before you put them in a vase. If you make table centerpieces from flowers, zip ties will become your new BFF then, too.


6. For Gardening

Speaking of flowers, zip ties also make a great accessory in the garden, helping plants stand up when attached to gardening stakes.


7. Help With Packing

Packing for a trip? Well, after rolling up your tee-shirts and jeans, add a zip tie to each item so you’ll save even more space.


8. Fix Your Broken Necklace

No time to go to the jewelry or craft store to fix your necklace clasp? Just grab a zip tie and it’ll do the trick!


9. “Lock” Your Purse Or Bag Zipper Closed With A Zip Tie

A friend of mine does this, and the first time I noticed, I figured she forgot to remove the plastic tag that came with her bag. But, once she showed me how sturdy the zip tie was, and what an added layer of safety it was, I was hooked.


10. Automatic Bag Handles

Need a handle on a bag, or two? Zip ties are ideal to get the job done, and strong, also! Plus, you can make the bag handles as long or short as you want!


11. For Attaching Things To Your Bag or Backpack

Let’s say you’re camping and want to attach a flashlight to the outside of your bag. Enter the zip tie. With it, you can attach anything from that flashlight to your water bottle.


12. Shoe Laces

When you’re out in the wild or camping or away from a place where you can buy replacement shoe laces, use some zip ties instead. I think this is an incredibly smart idea, because you never know.

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