10 Utterly Pointless Things We All Do

Think about your daily routine. There are probably a few pointless actions you incorporate into your day, maybe without even realizing it.

These things have absolutely no purpose or benefit, yet you find yourself doing them anyway. How many do you do on a daily basis?

1. Stopping the Microwave Before it Beeps

When we heat up our leftovers, plenty of us will make it a challenge to see if we can stop the microwave before the timer counts down to zero. I guess we’ll do anything not to hear its dreaded beeping noise—but it’s pretty pointless if you think about it.

microwave photo
Photo by HomeSpot HQ

2. Pushing The Walk Button A Million Times

Pushing it more won’t make the stoplight change any faster, yet we’re still guilty of pushing it many times anyway. Just to be sure.

crosswalk photo
Photo by cfiesler

3. Checking Behind The Shower Curtain Before You Shower

Maybe we have horror movies to blame for this one. There’s a good chance there isn’t anybody lurking behind the shower curtain, but we check for good measure.

shower curtain photo
Photo by Michael_Lehet

4. Turning Down The Radio In The Car When We’re Lost

The volume of the music in our car won’t make us any less lost than we already are, yet we insist on turning it down when looking for an address.

car aux cord photo
Photo by erocsid

5. Closing Facebook, and Immediately Opening it Again

We’re all totally guilty of browsing Facebook on our phones, closing out of the app and (subconsciously) getting right back on Facebook.

facebook phone photo
Photo by Frank de Kleine

6. Saving A Document Over and Over Again

For all those out there who are paranoid and save their work again and again, it may pointless—but better safe than sorry.

microsoft word photo
Photo by Denis Dervisevic

7. Click The Tongs Before You Use Them

You know very well that your tongs will work, but you’ve got to give them a few test clicks beforehand just to make sure.

tongs photo
Photo by Incase.

8. Checking the Fridge Again in Case Any New Food Has Appeared

When you’re hungry and you can’t find any food in the fridge, you might as well check one more time just in case something new has magically appeared.

fridge photo
Photo by notfrancois

9. Locking Your Car After You Know It’s Already Locked

You know that you’ve already clicked the lock button and heard your car beep to signify that it’s locked, but you might as well push it ten more times, because why not?

car lock button photo
Photo by Ken_Mayer

10. Hitting ‘Clear’ On A Calculator Over and Over Again

Even though the calculator probably cleared the first time you pushed “clear,” it’s probably a good idea to push it again—just in case.

calculator photo
Photo by jakeandlindsay


[h/t EMGN]