Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas From Amazon That Don’t Suck

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If you’re always stumped for gift ideas as Valentine’s Day approaches (you did just exhaust all your best ideas over the holidays after all), Amazon has a cool feature for you.

Its gift finder allows you to search for the perfect present by gender, age (kids like sweet treats too) and interests. Got a man who loves to bartend? A hard-to-please teen? The fashionista in your life? Amazon’s got you covered.

Here are some sweet and unique Valentine’s Day gift suggestions we pulled from Amazon’s gift finder. It’s up to you to present them with love and affection (or to send this list to the person in your life who is likely struggling with what to get YOU).

A Beef Jerky Bouquet

Nothing says “I love you” like beef jerky! This clever beef jerky “rose” bouquet comes in three different flavors: original, peppered or teriyaki.


Price: $53

Cactus Candles

Cactuses (don’t email us, we follow AP Style and this is their preferred pluralization of cactus!) are in, and any Valentine’s Day recipient is sure to love these cute candle versions.


Drop Earrings

These gorgeous rose quartz and gold earrings are versatile and romantic.


Price: $79.95

Champagne Sealer

Good for when you can’t finish a whole bottle of bubbly in one night.

Champagne stopper

Price: $8.95

Dog-Themed Wine Glass

For the dog- and wine-lovers in your life.


Price: $14.94

Luxardo Cherries

For your bartending extraordinaire’s latest and greatest old fashioned, Manhattan or other tasty cocktail. These gourmet cherries are worth the price and make a great gift.


Price: $20.49

Classic Nintendo: NES Classic Edition

Why spend hundreds of dollars on a Nintendo Switch when you can get the reconfigured classic Nintendo game player? Make sure to hook it up on Valentine’s Day for a memorable evening of throwback fun.


Price: $99

Kisses Onesie

For the littlest Valentine.

Kisses Onesie

Price: $17.95

Heart Glider Toys

Put these together with your kids and watch their hearts soar.

Heart gliders

Price: $9.99

LEGO Cupid Dog

How fun would this be to build with your LEGO-loving kid?


Price: $35.95

Wireless Phone Charger

If you have a certain model of iPhone or Galaxy Note, your phone can charge wirelessly.


Price: $14.99

Candy Kiss Leggings

Your preteen or teen will thank you for getting her these soft and stretchy graphic print leggings.


Price: $10.74

A Subscription Box

There are countless subscription boxes out there for just about every interest under the sun. This BeanBox coffee subscription box delivers new gourmet coffee to your beloved’s doorstep every month.


Price: $68 for a three-month subscription

Heart Fuzzy Slippers

Your college student can pad around her dorm and get the warm fuzzies thinking about how you remembered her for Valentine’s Day.

Heart slippers

Price: $13.99

Meh T-Shirt

Your teen son is so over Valentine’s gifts from you… until he gets this shirt.


Price: $19.99

Or, You Know, Snacks

Who can argue with snacks?


Price: $30.35 for 60-count box of snacks

His And Hers Coffee Mugs

This adorable mug set’s stick figures are looking for “reel love.” There’s a tin can telephone version too!

Coffee mugs

Price: $29.99

Popcorn Pizza

Instead of dainty chocolates, give this salted caramel popcorn pizza in a delivery box. There’s a gluten-free and a jelly bean version too!

Popcorn pizza

Price: $27.97

Heart-Shaped Board

The gourmand in your life can use this olive wood board for serving or cutting.

Olive wood cutting board

Price: $24.99

Dessert Bath Bombs

These petite delights are actually scented bath bombs that’ll produce sweet suds.

Dessert bath bombs

Price: $15.99

Portable Bluetooth-Compatible Record Player

A simple, convenient record player for the music lover in your life.


Price: $60.99


Unless your V-Day recipient is vegan or lactose intolerant, you can’t really go wrong with cheese. This gift features five different Wisconsin cheeses all packaged in a cute little crate.


Price: $42

Pickle Mug

Pair this mug with a jar of your main squeeze’s favorite dill pickles, and voila! A salty-sour gift that’s actually pretty sweet.


Price: $12.99

Super Soft Throw Blanket

Can you ever have enough cozy blankets at home?



You pretty much can’t miss when you send a beautiful bouquet. Plus you can send these with Amazon Prime!

Kabloom Flowers

Price: $24.99 and up

Quality Chocolate

If you’re going to buy chocolate for Valentine’s Day, at least make sure it’s not last-minute-drugstore-stop quality.


Price: $7.33

Wooden Bookmark

An engraved, eco-friendly bookmark for the book-lover in your life.

Wooden bookmark

Price: $6.99

Love Letters Of Great Men – Vol. 1

No need to write your own poetry when you can gift the words of experts.

Love letters book

Price: $12.56