Vampire fang nails might be just what you need to complete your Halloween look

The changing of the seasons is a great time to give your beauty routine an overhaul — and that includes your nails. For fall, you might consider a switch to darker polish colors, like deep reds, navy shades and even black. If you like to have a little fun with nail art, take one step further and try out vampire nails. It’s the perfect look for this thrilling season.

First, you need the appropriate pointy shape to your nails. File them to points yourself, or ask your nail technician to give them a sharp tapered look so they resemble vampire fangs. Next, you can decorate them in a variety of spooky, bloodsucking themes.

Check out these white nails dripping with blood, complete with two nails with full-on vampire faces painted on, courtesy of Tampa, Florida-based @opiumnails:

Glossy blood drips over a matte grey nail is creepy and festive without being too over-the-top, as shown by @nailsbycambria on Instagram:

The caption notes all the products used to create the look.

These red and black vampire nails from @nails_by_lucy_rossington on Instagram incorporate fangs, a cheeky “don’t bite” message and a little bit of bling and sparkle as well. She uses an acrylic system and Urban Graffiti gel polish:

These blood-drip press-on nails, available on CachitoNails’ Etsy shop for just $8.65, are the perfect way to DIY the vampire nail trend with minimal effort. Simply pop them off when you’re ready to go back to your everyday look. They come in various sizes and shapes too.


This take on vampire nails by Natasha Piñera Perez at @pineran on Instagram keeps it unexpected by only making two of the nails into blood-dripping fangs, while the others are standard square-shaped and painted plain white:

This isn’t a new trend; inspired by the grunge looks of the ’90s as well as glamorous vampire characters from recent decades (think Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise in the 1994 film “Interview with a Vampire”), vampire nail art has been around for a few years — but gained some traction when it was featured by several media outlets back in spring 2017. Now the look is back for Halloween, which is a perfect time for it!

If vampire nails are just a little too dark for your tastes, you can still have fun with your manicure for the Halloween season. There are other cute ways to do your digits for the holiday, including orange-tipped nails and Halloween-themed nail stickers.

Do you love these nail looks?