Couples Are Having ‘vasectomy Cakes’ Made To Celebrate The Occasion

Celebrating a birthday? Getting married? Hosting a gender reveal party? Having a procedure to surgically cut or block the vas deferens, thus ending your baby-making days? Let them eat cake!

That’s right: Cakes celebrating vasectomies are officially a thing.

Snip, snip, hooray!

Signature Desserts, a bakery in Nashville, garnered a good deal of media attention after posting a photo of a “vasectomy cake” that was made for a customer. With an image of sliced lemons, the cake reads: “100% juice, no seeds. Happy Vasectomy!” That has a ring to it!

Here’s a photo of the cake, courtesy of the Signature Desserts’ Instagram page:

According to Fox17 Nashville, the cake was ordered by a woman to celebrate her husband’s vasectomy. (For the record, the man apparently thought it was “incredibly hilarious,” according to the bakery.)

Spring happens to be synonymous with “vasectomy season.” The Washington Post reported a couple of years ago that vasectomies increase during March Madness. One theory? Guys can spend their recovery time on the couch, frozen peas on their laps, watching the NCAA tournament games that play out throughout the week.

This isn’t just anec-data! A study published in 2018 in the journal Urology confirmed that March is indeed the most popular month for the surgery. About 527,500 vasectomies are performed each year in the United States, according to findings published in the academic journal, and they tend to be most common in the West and Northwest regions.

So, are vasectomy cakes a bonafide trend? Well, “trend” might be an exaggeration, but we did find some other examples of celebratory cakes on Instagram by searching the hashtag #vasectomycake. (Perhaps they were for a vasectomy party?)

Instagram user yr_cakedesign posted a photo of a peanut walking out of a urology office, with the message “Happy V-Day.”

A cookie and cake decorator with the Instagram username sugarspellscookies showcased this bright blue cake that bids farewell to the “swimmers.”

And Instagram user 1PieLady kept it short and sweet with this punny cake.

Hooray for more men taking responsibility for birth control! What do you think about these vasectomy cakes?