Vegan French onion pot pie is the absolute coziest dish for winter

Pot pie dinners are the pinnacle of comfort food. We’ve shared a number of recipes over the years for various kinds of pot pies, from the classic chicken pot pie to a pizza pot pie that is a cheese-lover’s dream. Now, we’ve stumbled across a recipe that just might be the ultimate cozy comfort food for the fall. Imagine a French onion pot pie: a blissful combination of delicious French onion soup and the best elements of the pot pie.

The geniuses at Connoisseurus Veg (how fun is that name?) came up with this variation of the popular soup. And, true to the website’s name, the recipe is vegan.

Connoisseurus Veg

We’ll give you a second to collect yourself after looking at that gorgeous dish.

Many French onion soup recipes use beef broth as the foundation. Then there is the melted cheese on top, which is not suitable for vegans. So, not all onion soups are vegetarian or vegan-friendly. You have no worries with this one, though! Anissa Saenz, the cook behind this French onion pot pie, figured out how to overcome the two major hurdles of transforming this meal into an ideal vegan entree.

First, she had to find a way to swap out the savory flavor of beef broth for something vegan. Our smart cook introduced seitan into the recipe to replicate those qualities. Seitan is a vegan protein made by rinsing the starch from wheat dough, according to The Spruce Eats.

The melted cheese on top of the soup gets a simple switch to a layer of pie crust. It’s safe to say that a flaky crust makes any dish better, even if there isn’t any cheese! The dish also features caramelized onions and white wine. Prep takes about 20 minutes but you’ll need to allot an hour and 35 minutes for cooking and baking.

The full list of ingredients and supplies needed can be found on the Connoissurus Veg French onion pot pie recipe page. These savory, individual bowls of warm comfort will be the highlight of any fall or holiday meal.