A Vending Machine For Books Exists And It’s A Literature Lover’s Dream Come True

Even in this digital age, there’s still nothing quite like the weight of a book in your hands or the feeling of a physical page turn. And when an understanding of technology and a passion for paperback combines, it can be a powerful thing.

A bookstore called Monkey’s Paw located in Toronto, Canada has a vending machine that dispenses random books for $2.00, which is the ultimate combination of an old-school love of literature and modern technology, if you ask me. At the very least, it creates one heck of a reading experience.

The bookstore owner, Stephen Fowler, teamed up with designer/animator Craig Small back in 2012 to bring what they call “The Biblio-Mat” to life. It all stemmed from a want to find a clever way to dispense books to people during a sidewalk sale, and Small took it upon himself to make this idea a reality.

It took three months of research to create this unique vending machine that operates “kind of like a Pez dispenser, but instead of spring-loaded from the bottom it pulls from the top,” as he tells the National Post.

Here’s a video to show you how it works:

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/jeVf23w79zs”]

It only takes two dollars to become the proud owner of a vending machine-dispensed book. The only downside to this invention is that it’s so far away from me. But don’t worry, I’m planning a trip to Canada as we speak. Because this is more than enough reason to make the trek to Canada, in my mind.

[h/t: Mental Floss]