Verizon Cuts Data Plan Pricing, But There’s A Catch You Should Know About

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Verizon customers – listen up! The company is now offering existing customers the chance to get more bang for their buck; however, there’s a catch.

On February 3, Verizon announced that existing customers can either up their current data plan by 1GB/month at no additional charge, or the customer can cut $10 off their bill per month. The choice is entirely up to the customer, however, Verizon does have a slight draw back to these new deals.

In order for either change to be made to your current plan, you must first contact Verizon’s customer service, and let them know that you’re requesting the changes. The company won’t apply the benefits automatically.

A Verizon representative told that in order for the customer to receive the benefits, they must contact customer service or use their company’s website to make the change. Even though it’s a draw back, it’s definitely worth the reward if you don’t need the extra 1GB/month.

When it comes to these new changes, you can only benefit. For instance, if you currently have a 3GB plan with Verizon, you can either cut back your data-plan bill to $50/month, or up your data amount to 4GB, while still paying the current price of $60/month. Either way, it’s a win/win.

Here is the current breakdown of the price changes as stated by


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