This Vibrating Massager Will Relieve Your Muscle Pain Without Pills

Would you splurge on this fitness tool?

Olympic athletes and 150 professional sports teams in North America all have one key habit in common. No, we’re not talking about their rigorous training schedules, though they share that, too. The common denominator between all of these athletes is that they’ve all embraced TheraGun for recovery.

The TheraGun, a vibrating massager, has become the not-so-secret weapon of the best athletes and trainers in the world. And if the pros are using this recovery tool, there must be something to it.

TheraGun debuted its upgraded G2PRO model last year. It resembles a staple gun or power drill, with a hint of a pogo stick, but it’s unlike anything in the fitness world. This neuro-muscular treatment device is calibrated by a physician to the ideal frequency, amplitude and torque for muscle recovery. As a result, the vibration therapy treats the nervous system and helps activate muscles. Here it is in action:

Rest And Recover

TheraGun promises to be the best massage you’ve ever had, but don’t call it a massager. “This isn’t really massage—it’s actually tricking your nervous system,” chiropractor and TheraGun founder Dr. Jason S. Wersland shared with Sports Illustrated. Its benefits go beyond those of massage, which has been shown to improve immune function, reduce inflammation and relieve pain.

The vibrating ball relaxes the muscles with percussive therapy. It loosens stiff muscles before a big game and can even release cramps in the height of competition. It vibrates so quickly, there’s no time for any pain sensations to register in the brain. This recovery tool is all gain, without any pain. As the folks behind TheraGun write on Instagram, “recover anytime, anywhere”:

The treatment benefits people of all athletic abilities. “If you have a body, you have tissue and you have muscles, the [TheraGun] doesn’t care if you’re going to throw a football 70 yards or if you’re going to go out and play catch with your son. In less time with much less pain, you can provide better therapy and better healing with vibration.”

At 2.5 pounds, it’s easy to maneuver to reach and relieve sore muscles. Its compact size makes it much more travel-friendly than a foam roller.

Celebrity trainer Kira Stokes called it a “game changer.” She explained that using TheraGun increases blood flow and in turn improves performance:

Though it’s lightweight, TheraGun does come with a hefty price tag of $599. However, the company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can try it risk-free. Compared to other similar devices, it’s quite reasonable. Plus, when you consider the equivalent cost of regular spa massages, it pays for itself over and over again.

One thing is for sure: Wherever TheraGun goes, good vibrations follow.