Video of 1-year-old in conversation with her mom goes viral

Kids say and do the darndest things, and when you catch it on video—it’s even more priceless. Kerry Robinson was reportedly just trying to get her 1-year-old, Jayde, to calm down and be still for just a minute when she handed her a brush and started filming. The little girl and her mom started to have the chatter you’d have at the salon, a.k.a. “salon talk,” and it’s really pretty hilarious.

The mom posted the video to Facebook, and it has since gone viral. It’s garnered over 17 million views all because of this little girl’s responses. She’ll say things such as “That’s crazy” and “Then what happened?” back to her mom, and if you didn’t know better, you’d think they were actually at the salon.

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Jayde speaks very well for her age and, apparently, a scene like this is the norm for them. “We really just do this kind of stuff all the time, because her personality is so big,” she told Good Morning America.

As far as her daughter’s ability to speak so well despite her young age, she really only has her husband and their parenting style to thank for that. “Her dad has always talked to her like a normal adult,” Robinson told Good Morning America. “We never really did the baby talk. She’s really smart. She really repeats everything.” And this video is definitely proof of that!

According to the Facebook post, you can see more of Jayde and her mom’s adorable videos by following the mom on Snapchat. So, seriously, make sure you do that because I’m sure there’s plenty of cuteness where this came from!

If you just can’t get enough videos of babies doing adorable things, you can also watch this little girl try and talk her way out of a nap. Her reaction to her mom saying, “You’re supposed to be sleeping” is just too funny.

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I can’t even.