This Must-Watch Video Of A 40-Something Man Hip-Hop Dancing Is Going Viral

At first glance, Mike Alancourt doesn’t look like he’d own the hip-hop dance floor. However, 1 Vibe Dance in Jacksonville, Florida, recently posted an Instagram video of Alancourt, who is in his 40s, executing an impressive routine to Post Malone’s “Wow,” and it proves that looks can be deceiving.

Not only does the bespectacled and long-bearded dancer hit every move, but he looks like he’s having a lot of fun doing it. The video now has more than 400,000 views, and people in the comments can’t get over this guy’s incredible skills. Check it out:

“BRB screaming over this,” reads the video’s caption.

The video even made it to Post Malone himself, who reposted it to his page as well:

Triple threat Will Smith, who was at the center of his own viral dance video last year, also took to Instagram to praise Alancourt’s skills, saying he’s “SLAYIN’ this thing”:

In the wake of his surprise viral fame, Alancourt posted a message of gratitude for everyone who watched and shared his video: “Thank you SO MUCH for all your comments and messages. This whole thing has just been bonkers and I am just so SO grateful to anyone who took the time”:

Alancourt seems to be a regular at these dance classes. There are more videos of him dancing at 1 Vibe on his Instagram timeline, including this one from him in which he writes that he danced so hard he threw up after class, and, “I also think I have a solid twenty years on everyone in the room”:

Keep working it, you’ve got the moves!

If you live in the Jacksonville area and want to try your hand at replicating Alancourt’s moves, check out the drop-in, all-level adult dances classes (age 17 and older) on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:30-9 p.m for $20 at 1 Vibe Dance.