Everyone With A Baby Car Seat Mirror Needs To Watch This Video

Most parents do their homework when they buy their child’s car seat, carefully reading reviews and safety ratings, soliciting the recommendations of others, assessing size and comfort, and more. But not everyone puts as much care into their purchase of all those car seat accessories.

Take the humble car seat mirror. Many parents like putting a mirror on the car seat so they can watch baby as they drive. But as one Texas mom found out, a mirror can be very dangerous if not used properly. And she has the disturbing video to prove it.

Amanda DeAngelis was shocked when she saw her baby’s car seat smoking. Here’s the video she posted to Facebook:

DeAngelis says that when she took her daughter Mila out of her car seat, she smelled smoke. She soon realized that the baby mirror was reflecting sunlight onto the fabric, causing the car seat to smoke. She decided to start filming the incident, posting the video to Facebook to educate other parents. “Never did it occur to me it would reflect and happen so quickly,” she wrote.

The video, which has since gone viral, has received some mixed reactions. Some argued that DeAngelis should have known better than to point a mirror facing up.

One user wrote, “That mirror isn’t attached correctly, it’s pointed upward having light reflect and burn (things people are taught in third grade science.”

Others pointed out that even if it is basic science, the seat still shouldn’t have burned. “All modern car seats are supposed to be flame retardant,” says another user.

In a statement to Redbook, Goldbug, the manufacturer of the mirror itself, says DeAngelis installed her mirror incorrectly. There is also a warning attached to all products warning parents of the dangers of reflected sunlight and bright lights in babies’ eyes.

Responding to her critics, DeAngelis wrote, “I’m not placing blame or trying to start arguments … just trying to make others informed that this is a possibility,” she wrote. “Do with this information what you will — just don’t judge!”

Were you shocked by this video?