Video Catches Little Girl Getting ‘Carried Away’ In Strong Winds

Madison Gardner, a fun-loving 4-year-old girl from Ohio learned what it felt like to fly this week. The little girl took an unexpected ride on her front door thanks to some gusty winds. A home security camera caught Gardner’s accidental acrobatics and the video has now gone viral.

“All I Hear Is Mommmm!”

In the video, Madison gets out of the car and runs to her home’s front door. You can hear the wind roaring in the background. Madison’s mom, Brittany, lags behind at the vehicle as her daughter grabs the exterior glass door.

As Madison grabbed the handle door, a strong gust of wind swung the door wide open. Somehow, the little girl held on and took the ride of her life.

“All I hear is ‘mommm!’,” Brittany wrote on her Facebook page. “So I looked back and she’s pinned between the house and the glass door. She is okay and laughing along with it!”

Mom Adds Extra Touch To Video

After discovering her daughter was OK, Brittany went to tell her husband, Josh, what happened.

“I ran inside laughing so hard and Josh thought something fell,” she commented on her post. “He looked on the camera and just fell to the floor haha.”

The couple were so amused with the video, they decided to post it online. Brittany decided to put in an extra touch, though, before publishing it. She added a little background music: “Come Fly With Me,” by Frank Sinatra.

Shortly after posting the video Monday evening, Brittany discovered that readers’ reactions blew in as quickly as the winds gusted outside.

The comments came rolling in within minutes of the video going live:

  • “I think I’ve watched this 10 times over! I can’t stop laughing! I really do hope she is okay!”
  • “Hahaha omg Dave and I are literally watching on repeat and I’m crying from laughter. Which is so horrible! I’m glad she’s okay!! The music is so perfect!”
  • “She’s a little trooper for hanging on!!! I’m calling her Mary Poppins from now on!”
  • “I think you got yourself a viral video!”

Local and national television stations started reaching out to share the video and show it on their nightly news broadcasts.

Since then, the video has more than 600,000 views just from Brittany’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

As for Madison, she is totally fine and “telling people she flew,” according to her mom.