Chrissy Teigen posted an adorable video of her mom becoming a US citizen

As Chrissy Teigen’s mom and a grandmother to her adorable children with John Legend, Vilailuck Teigen is perfectly positioned to be the coolest grandparent on social media. Her Instagram is full of happy shots with the family and adorable photos of little Luna and baby Miles.

But a video of Luna with her grandma from this week was extra special. On Oct. 23, Vilailuck became a U.S. citizen, and she held Luna during the ceremony that made it official. Chrissy posted this charming video on Twitter of the moment when Vilailuck (or Pepper, as the family sometimes calls her, or Yāy, as her daughter often calls her online) and Luna held their hands to their hearts to recite the Pledge of Allegiance:

“YES MOM!! Congrats,” Chrissy tweeted with the video.

Legend also took to Twitter to praise his mother-in-law, who apparently did quite well on the citizenship test.

Way to ace the test!

The U.S. naturalization test has 100 civics questions, and during the interview for citizenship, people could be asked up to 10 questions from the test and must answer six correctly. If you’re curious what kinds of questions are on the citizenship test — and whether you could pass it — you could try this sample test and see how you score.

No word on how the family celebrated Vilailuck’s citizenship, but we have a feeling a big family meal might have been involved. Vilailuck and Chrissy cook often and worked together to develop the recipes for her cookbook, “Cravings.” Vilailuck told Taste that they cook Thai meals together and that she even carries hot peppers with her in her purse wherever she goes.

She’s also wildly supportive of her daughter, as you can see in this photo she posted from Cravings Fest:

Vilailuck is passing her Thai heritage on to the next generation in another way.

Here she is helping Luna with the sash on this traditional dress, which Chrissy posted a photo of on Instagram:

Congrats to Vilailuck and the whole family!