This Dad Went To Costco For The First Time And This Viral Video Shows Just How Excited He Was

Grocery shopping isn’t always the most exciting part of a to-do list — unless you’re getting your groceries from Costco, that is. There’s something to be said for buying in bulk, free samples and the other joys that come along with shopping at Costco. For those who’ve never bought their staples there, the first experience can be somewhat magical, to say the least. Just ask Tom Musto, a 49-year-old father who recently entered a Costco for the very first time.

According to Musto’s son, TJ, Tom went to the store to get supplies for a big Sunday night dinner he was preparing after a friend, Stephanie, told him he should try shopping at Costco.

Apparently, the dad did swing by Costco, and he was amazed by what he found inside.

“I got a call from him at the store, saying, ‘Hey, so you ever hear of a place called Costco? It’s incredible here,’” TJ told NBC’s “Today.”

When his dad came home, groceries in tow, TJ was inspired to catch his dad’s reaction to shopping at Costco on video and post it to Twitter, and fellow Costco converts have loved every second of his genuine reaction:

Tom couldn’t believe how affordably priced the items were. He saved on everything from nuts to water to sausages. Overall, it sounds like it was a successful trip to Costco, so much so that he might be making all of his future purchases from there.

“Stephanie said she’s getting me a Costco’s card for my birthday,” the dad said in the video. Just imagine all the money he’ll save with that kind of a birthday gift!

The video has been viewed more than 6 million times, and people are loving how relatable it is.

Some even felt inspired to share similar first-time experiences. Twitter user @SpiroSwagnew showed how excited his roommate was to be inside of a Costco:

“This is always me in Costco,” Twitter user @marikajadee wrote in response:

And in a reply to TJ’s tweet, Twitter user @EllieWheeler9 shared just how excited her dad was to go to Costco, too. “My dad and I went to Costco for the first time over Christmas and he has a whole camera folder of ‘future purchases.'”:

This father is certainly not alone in his Costco fandom. People have gone to extreme lengths to show just how much they care about the retailer. For example, a couple had their engagement photos taken at Costco, and a 5-year-old little girl requested a Costco-themed birthday party. So yeah — the love of a Costco devotee is real.

And Tom is now definitely a member of the Costco Club!