This video takes you inside Disney’s new Flight of Passage Avatar ride

Attention, “Avatar” fans! Not only has Disney announced four upcoming “Avatar” sequels, Disney World has finally opened an entire world devoted to the animated film. The new themed area, titled Pandora — The World Of Avatar, contains a ride called Flight of Passage that offers as close to an immersive experience inside the world of Pandora as possible.

In case you’re unfamiliar, Pandora is the world where “Avatar” takes place, and Disney’s doing all that it can to make you feel a part of it. The Disney World attraction will officially open on May 27, but a small audience got the chance to preview the ride, and let’s just say they were impressed.

One reviewer called it “next-level cool,” while another said she “came out with tears I loved it so much.”

Thankfully, video footage of the ride was captured, and now, everyone can experience what it’s like to ride on the back of a banshee without leaving the comfort of their own homes. This should definitely hold you over until you’re able to visit the attraction in real life.

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The immersive experience allows you to soar through Pandora’s skies, ride underneath crashing waves and literally feel the wind in your face along the way. There are even times when you can feel the Banshee’s breath on you because Disney made sure this was a physical experience as well as a visual one.

Just like the movie, the visuals are breathtaking, and it’s hard not to get lost in this world, even just watching this video. So, imagine how it feels to experience the ride in person. It’s pretty incredible, I’d bet.

Disney World

According to the official website, this ride is great for folks of all ages. You must be 44 inches or taller to ride, but it’s open to kids, tweens, teens and adults.

Flight of Passage is just one of the attractions within Pandora — The World Of Avatar, too. You can also take a ride down the Na’vi River and be immersed in the bioluminescent rainforest. If you’ve ever dreamed of stepping into the “Avatar” film, well, your wish has been granted.