Dog And Dolphin Make Friends, Try To Play In Cute Video

Unlikely animal friends are just about the best things ever.

Whether it’s a donkey and goat, a cat and rat or a dog and baby moose, these adorable pairings are the kinds of stories that make the internet a beautiful place. And now you can add a dog and dolphin to that list of strange-yet-awesome animal friend combos!

While out on a boat trip, Lucy, a friendly dog who works with Florida’s Captiva Island Fishing Charters, met a dolphin whom she immediately befriended. It might sound too good to be true, but luckily, someone onboard caught their meeting on video and it’s so cute.

As you can see, Lucy was enthralled by the swimming creature and the dolphin seemed to be equally interested in her. The pair played a game of hide-and-seek for about a minute, with Lucy playfully bowing as she looked at the dolphin, which Captiva Island Fishing Charters later named Gus.

Since being posted on May 22, Eileen McGunagle’s Facebook video has been watched more than 360,000 times, meaning Lucy and her underwater pal have brought a lot of smiles to a lot of faces!

dolphin jump photo
Getty Images | David McNew

When Florida’s Palm Beach Post newspaper shared McGunagle’s video online, it attracted more than 400 comments, with one person asking a very good question. “Am I the only one wishing they would boop noses?” asked Cela Vie.

No, Cela. No, you’re not.