Game of Thrones Actor Jason Momoa’s Viral Rock Climbing Video Is All The Workout Motivation You Need

YouTube | Chris Sharma

It’s going to be a long, cold winter until “Game of Thrones” comes back into our lives. Fortunately, this incredible video of Jason Momoa is here to keep us warm until Season 7 starts this summer.

The video comes from Momoa’s friend and one of the world’s top rock climbers, Chris Sharma. It features the super-fit Momoa, his wife Lisa Bonet and their kids, Lola and Nakoa-Wolf, on a quest for the perfect bouldering spot.

The ridiculously good-looking group heads to Savassona, a beautiful rock-climbing site in Catalonia, Spain. They hike into the park, tackle a few boulders and admire the view of the Spanish countryside.

As usual, Momoa, who is basically a walking fitness goal, puts the rest of us to shame. There’s nothing like watching a shirtless Khal Drogo climb up a moss-covered rock wall, without the help of any ropes (just some pads on the ground in case he falls), to make me regret skipping the gym this morning.

As if it could get any better, he also spots for his adorable kids while they scramble up the boulders.

This isn’t the first time a video of everyone’s favorite Khal took over the internet. A few years ago, Momoa’s “GoT” audition tape also made the celebrity-news rounds. In that video, Momoa, who is from Hawaii, performs the haka, a traditional war dance of New Zealand’s Maori people.

All evidence suggests that Momoa is a big, friendly teddy bear in real life—if bears had gigantic muscles. It’s easy to forget, though, when he’s fighting villains as Aquaman or pouring boiling cauldrons of gold over people’s heads.

Isn’t it nice to have videos like this to remind us that even the tallest, most intimidating Dothraki leaders are really just friendly dudes who like to hang out with their kids and pose shirtless on top of rocks?

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