This video of a dog responding to ‘Harry Potter’ spells will make you smile

What is more magical than watching a puppy happily do tricks? Well, how about a furry friend who has “wizardly abilities” thanks to a clever owner who adores “Harry Potter”?

Say hello to Remus — because, of course, a Potterhead would name her dog after the wizard/werewolf Remus Lupin! Remus is a long-haired doxie (dachshund) who “loves belly rubs and hates full moons,” according to his personal Instagram account. Yes, this pup has his own social media following to the tune of 42,000 followers!

One look at his Instagram account and you’ll see why. Can this Hogwarts hound be any cuter?

Spoiler alert: The answer is a definite yes, he can get cuter. Need proof? This four-legged furry wizard-wannabe is learning some magical tricks, thanks to his “mama.”

Youtuber Brizzy Voices has invested countless hours working with Remus on responding to various “Harry Potter” spells. In fact, Remus shared on his Instagram account that he’s been training this way since he was only 2 months old. Every good wizard needs to study, after all.

His progress seems to be good enough to display his talents to the world. Brizzy Voices posted a video showcasing Remus’ tricks and we guarantee it will make you smile!

This first-year student has learned a lot in a few short months. This dog’s got a whole list of “spells” ready to go, including:

  • “Stupefy”: lay down
  • “Wingardium Leviosa”: beg
  • “Avada Kedavra”: play dead
  • “Ascendio”: go up the stairs
  • “Descendo”: go down the stairs (although he tried an adorable shortcut for this the first time)
  • “Revelio”: come
  • “Accio ball”: fetch the ball
  • “Expelliarmus”: drop
  • “Lux”: turn on a light
  • “Nox”: turn off the light
  • “Aguamenti”: go pee (yes, on command!)

Way to go, Remus! We can’t wait to see what new tricks you have in store for us in the future!