Video Shows Huge Alligator Crossing In Front Of Florida Tourists

Alligator sightings are apparently pretty common in Florida, but video of one gator in particular is making the rounds on the internet—and for good reason.

Video footage of what’s estimated to be a 12-foot alligator crossing in front of visitors to the Circle B Bar Reserve in Florida is astonishing. Just feet away from this monstrosity, several people snapped pictures and took video, and the results of the encounter have since gone viral after being posted to Facebook.

Kim Joiner, the woman who took the video, admits on Facebook that she was “a little nervous” about the animal crossing so close to her. Rightly so! This alligator is a legitimate beast.

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The Circle B Bar Reserve boasts hiking, picnicking, bird-watching and fishing as some of the many activities you can take part in on their 1,267 acres of land, according to the reserve’s website.

Apparently, they’re home to some impressive bird species, and of course, gators, which can be watched from a distance, the website states. That’s if they don’t just decide to cross right in front of you, I suppose.

Yahoo News points out that since the video’s gone viral, many people are commenting that this scene looks like it’s straight out of Jurassic Park. But, to Joiner, this is just “nature at its best.”

According to Facebook, however, she did see the alligator coming this time. I mean, it would be hard to miss. “I have been more scared when they just cross with no warning on Alligator Ally trail,” she wrote.

The post has gotten over 5,000 likes and 32,000 shares and counting. It’s not everyday that you see something like this, after all. Unless, perhaps, you’re native to Florida. In that case, you may be thinking this ain’t no thang. After all, rather shockingly, the average length of an alligator is a foot longer than this one was estimated to be.

To the rest of us, though, it does feel like a little like “Jurassic Park” come to life.

[h/t: Yahoo News]