Viral video will change the way you make tacos with flour tortillas

At first glance, tacos seem like such an easy meal. Just throw some fillings and toppings into a tortilla, and you’re on your way! But in practice, we generally have to deal with two problems when we try to create the perfect taco: first, flour tortillas can actually get pretty messy. The toppings often spill out of one side, as it’s basically impossible to achieve that perfect ratio of filling-to-tortilla. Secondly, it’s hard to get the flour tortilla warm and crispy without accidentally making it too crunchy.

Luckily, there’s no kitchen problem that internet users can’t hack. A new TikTok video has gone viral for solving every flour tortilla issue with one simple trick, and no, this isn’t some silly gimmick. It really works.

As TikTok user clean_air showed in their video, all you have to do is put a small flour tortilla into a pop-up toaster (not a toaster oven). The tortilla will puff up, creating a huge opening in the middle that you can stuff with your regular taco fillings and toppings. The tortilla’s texture is perfect, and the ingredients are securely enveloped inside the tortilla’s bubble.

It all makes sense once you see the process for yourself. Check it out.

Warning: The video below includes profanity.

@clean_airAccidentally discovered something not sure if this is a thing already ##LetsFaceIt ##IAmLost♬ original sound – mitchflippo1

As you can see, the end result of this hack isn’t a “taco” per se. But TikTok viewers have pointed out that this is actually another very common Mexican food: a gordita.

“This is called a Gordita, my Mexican [sic] household makes them from scratch with flour,” user CaraPlata wrote.

Here’s a picture of a normal, non-toaster-made gordita.


See? The TikTok version is basically an easy shortcut version of the same thing.

If you’re truly married to traditional taco shapes, there are other hacks for avoiding the mess factor — there are even taco holders that come in all sorts of fun shapes. If you want other fun new spins on taco night, may we suggest a crescent roll taco bake or taco cones?

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