This village of tiny houses is the cutest vacation spot

Five tiny houses make up a cul-de-sac of cuteness in a little town just outside of Portland, Oregon. You can book to stay at any one of these adorable dwellings, and trust me—you’re going to want to start planning a vacation immediately.

One look at these, and you’ll be packing your bags. Well, maybe just one very small bag.

These houses offer less than 250 square feet each, and are sure to create a unique travel experience. Known as the Mt. Hood Tiny House Village, these five tiny houses make up a neighborhood, of sorts, for travelers.

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The houses are owned by  Equity Lifestyle Properties, and they’re meant to create a communal living space for folks to mingle.

Courtesy Mt. Hood Tiny House Village

“The houses are in a horseshoe-type shape, each with a picnic table and a grill outside, and they have a communal fire pit in the middle, so it forms a very social atmosphere,”Annie Colletti, social media and communications manager at Equity Lifestyle Properties, told Country Living.

“[Visitors are] making s’mores together at the fire pit and getting to know each other—and even coordinating tours among themselves, like, ‘Hey, I’ll let you check out my tiny house, if I can check out yours.'”

Sounds like the perfect way to spend the summer, doesn’t it?!

Courtesy Mt. Hood Tiny House Village

The five houses each come with their own names and distinct “personalities” and aesthetics.

For instance, Zoe is sleek and modern and not afraid of a bold pop of color:

Courtesy Mt. Hood Tiny House Village

Savannah, meanwhile, offers up southern-inspired charm:

Courtesy Mt. Hood Tiny House Village

The cost of renting one of these houses starts at $129 or $139 a night, depending upon which house you’re interested in, which really isn’t a bad price to pay for such a unique experience.

Plus, if you start feeling all cooped up in your tiny space, there’s plenty to explore in nearby Mt. Hood National Forest.

When you book a trip here, you get the best of both worlds: tiny living and the great outdoors. Interested in vacationing here? Check the properties’ website for availability, and get ready for your most singular summer vacation yet.