Brace Yourselves Because Wine Advent Calendars Are Here

We already told you about a  whiskey advent calendar from a company that also sells gin, rum and tequila calendars.

But they forgot about wine. Fortunately, VineBox has got you covered.

This wine-by-the-glass delivery company is putting on a special “12 Nights of Wine,” inspired by the twelve days of Christmas. For those twelve days, you will receive wine in what looks like a vial from high school science. Each vial has 100 ml full of red or white wine, which is equivalent to the one glass of wine you usually have at the dinner table.


All that’s to say you’re going to have a great time for twelve straight days in December. You can enjoy wines from all over the world, including the renowned regions of Burgundy, Barolo and Bordeaux. The wines are hand-numbered and placed in a certain order by professional sommeliers so that you can enjoy the wine the way the company intended you to drink.

“No peeking! Each glass is worth the surprise,” VineBox says on their website. So don’t drink out of order, or else you’ll ruin the experience.

Speaking of ruining the experience, VineBox’s marketing department really dropped the ball. They said too much about “bold and aged reds built for fireplace chats and wool blankets” and “rich whites as refreshing as unraveling your scarf after a mad dash inside from the cold.”

Instead, they should have placed their box of wine on the website, then have only two words plastered on the website:

“You’re Welcome.”

But the marketers did the best they could. Here’s how they conclude their marketing campaign:

“Go ahead, pinch yourself. It’s real.”

That’s all we needed to hear.

The box, made from 100-percent recycled material found in the U.S., is selling for $129 each and ships out on December 5. Reserve your box of wines here before they run out.