Your Vintage Happy Meal Toys Could Be Worth A Lot Of Money

Retro styles have made a major comeback recently, so you’ve likely already been digging items out of your closet. And if you happened to find any old Happy Meal toys lying around while you were back there, you better hold on to those.

The seemingly cheap toys could actually be worth a lot of money because apparently they’re collectibles. Hey—people collect all kinds of things, right?

Turns out there’s an entire website devoted to buying and selling Happy Meal and other fast food meal toys called eBay’s also a great spot to sell your toys if you’re looking for extra cash.

You won’t always make hundreds of dollars, but digging up some old toys and posting them online really isn’t a bad way to make a buck, if you ask me. Who knew that holding on to old Happy Meal toys would come in handy? Much like that brown lipstick that you never thought you’d wear again.

Things have a way of coming back into style, so the moral of this story is: never throw anything away. And then, one day, you’ll be able to sell it online.

[h/t: Good Housekeeping]

Photo by Calgary Reviews