Teachers can work from home, make $22 per hour with this company

If you could convince your boss to let you work from home, would you? The answer is probably pretty easy — uh, duh!

It’s obvious why working remotely beats going to an office every day: no travel, no small talk with co-workers and no boss looking over your shoulder.

Thanks to technology, work-from-home jobs are becoming quite popular, with many companies hiring remote part- and full-time workers.

Many of the jobs are in customer service, but now, even teachers can join the list.


VIPKid is hiring educators to provide one-on-one English-language instruction to children ages 4-12 in China.

While the company is headquartered in Beijing, you would work from the comfort of you own home, teaching a curriculum that’s based on the U.S. Common Core State Standards.


The company uses a flipped classroom approach to foster “creativity and critical thinking skills,” according to the website.

So, what’s a flipped classroom? Basically, it’s a non-traditional teaching method in which students get their lecture or new material exposure outside the class time.

Then, when they come to class, they work on homework, have debates or engage in discussions.


Currently, VIPKid says it employs more than 30,000 teachers, working in 32 countries and teaching more than 200,000 students!

It was also ranked No. 1 in Forbes’ 2018 Top 100 Work-from-Home Companies.


There are multiple benefits to working for VIPKid, including working from home and the ability to set your own schedule and work as few hours as you’d like.

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There are no lesson plans or parent-teacher conferences and you’ll make between $14-$22 an hour, or $7-$11 per 30-minute class.

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“VIPKID curriculum team has already designed materials for every class. However, teachers must prepare for class by reviewing the class materials beforehand. Teachers may preview class materials in the classroom on the teacher portal 6-12 hours in advance,” according to the website.

Instead of working with the same students each week, as you would in a more traditional tutoring job, you’ll work with any students who books a session with you.


If this is starting to sound right up our alley, know that you must have a bachelor’s degree, but it does not have to be in education.

If you think you qualify, your next step is to submit a resume and have an interview.

If hired, you will be signing a contract and will need to complete a background check.

You also need to have a computer or tablet with an HD camera and microphone.


If you’re not sure you want to apply right away, you can get more details by simply leaving your email address at the VIPKid website.

You’ll then receive information that can help you better understand the application process.

Still have questions? Check out this video from VIPKid CEO Cindy Mi to see how the company got started and what it’s all about.

Would you consider an online teaching job?

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