The adorable dad and talking baby who went viral are now in a Denny’s commercial

Our favorite TV reviewing baby is back with a cute Denny’s commercial he filmed with his dad.

Precocious baby Kingston and father Deztin “DJ” Pryor first went viral in a video where the 18-month-old carried on a conversation with his dad about the TV show they were watching.

In the original, minute-long Facebook video posted by mom Shanieke Pryor on June 4, DJ and Kingston sit on a couch together and watch TV. Kingston seems to understand and talk back to his dad’s exclamations over the show, which was the season finale of “Empire.”

Getty Images | Justin Sullivan

The video was so cute and so shareable that it now has almost 60 million views and over 1.5 million shares as of June 20. Shanieke Pryor said that Kingston has even been recognized in the airport.

Denny's Screenshot

Now for the pair’s first paying gig, Denny’s shot DJ having a “booth chat” with Kingston  — over a plate of Denny’s pancakes, bacon and scrambled eggs, natch — in order to “find out what’s going on in your life.”

The video, which was posted on Father’s Day, is selling the Denny’s dining experience, but it’s also incredibly cute.

In it, Kingston bats two straws around as he babbles back and forth with his dad, ostensibly about the state of Kingston’s favorite cartoon. Then Kingston feeds bacon to his dad, and they “talk” about how awesome it is.

The video ends with Kingston giving his dad a long hug as the scene is overlaid with the words,”Booths were made for quality time with dad.”

“Is that your grand finale?” Deztin says, relishing the embrace and referencing the viral video where the two were watching the season finale of “Empire.” “Because if so, you buttered me up. You got me.”

Not sure about buttering us up, but father and son certainly are melting our hearts.

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Those that watched the commercial seemed sold too.

“I gotta say Denny’s, at first I was 🙄 that you leveraged a beautiful and viral father-son duo for commercial gain, but by the end of the ad I was so touched and you captured and wrapped their essence so well and hit the mark on Father’s Day that it just works. Well done!!!” one Facebook commenter, Anisha Raghavan, said.

“Shouts out to Denny’s for the collaboration of promoting positivity in the world and showcasing Fathers connecting with our children having a booth chat,” Deztin Pryor wrote about the new ad.

Denny’s even made Kington his very own animated GIF, which mom Shanieke Pryor posted to her Facebook page.

DJ Pryor, by the way, is a stand-up comedian whose career may definitely be getting a bump from these appearances with his son. For example, he recently posted this image on his Instagram page from a gig in Venice Beach:

And he recently appeared on “Talk of the Town,” a Nashville-based TV show on NewsChannel 5 that left the Clarksville, Tennessee native feeling a bit starstruck:

DJ Pryor did an interview for the show, marveling at the publicity the original video has gotten.

“You don’t plan for moments like this,” he said. “I told everybody, the world got a glimpse of what goes on in our house every day.”

He added that Kingston is an energetic little boy who loves to imitate others. He has an older son, Jabari, an eight-year-old boy who is also a budding entertainer with two short films under his belt.

Here’s an image from Pryor’s Instagram showing him with his older son:

“My boys are putting me out of business,” Pryor said.

However, it’s very possible, based on social media reactions about DJ Pryor being “discovered” as a result of the viral video, that the opposite will be true.

One of the comments on the above post from @hi_ejram_ noted, “Posting that video with your child gave you this break. Finally, the world discovered you.”

What did you think about this father-son Denny’s collaboration? We can’t wait to see what’s next for Kingston and his dad!