People have been trying this viral hand-drawing hack—and the results are hilarious

Satisfying? Not really. Last month, Twitter account @SatisfyingDaily posted a clip meant to help all of the aspiring artists out there. The video shows how to quickly draw an elegantly posed hand.

When you watch the video, it looks simple enough for almost anyone to scratch out. Which is heartening for those of us who struggle to draw anything more complex than a stick figure. I don’t know about you, but the hands I draw always end up looking like fat jellyfish. Anyway, take a look:

Inspired, some of the account’s followers decided to give it a try. It didn’t go well.

User @OrianaGallegosM just laughed (in Spanish) at her attempt.

“I tried,” tweeted @halves_diogo, who then turned his mangled drawing into a bizarre — but cheerful! —creature.

“Nailed it,” said a sarcastic @cchharleene.

@YuKnwMyName tried to keep it positive, saying, “I think I did a good job.”

However, some folks — who probably know how to draw without help — did fine work. (Showoffs.)

Below, @skipskip_ added three of the doodles to his notebook, including an upside-down one.

With a resigned, “I tried,” @itsNour218 seems disappointed in her work. It looks pretty good to me!

I think this one is rather impressive. Especially since it was done by @KimberleyARoper‘s 13-year-old daughter, and in a hurry.

Spanish user @Klud0 outdid everyone with a full-color workup.

Fine. You win, @Klud0.

Still others made the whole thing a joke. @garrettxjerome proclaimed the freaky demon hand he devised “good enough.”

“I don’t think I did this right,” said @lvanhound. “Help!!!!”

You know what this means now, right? I have to try this “hack” for myself.

My first attempt:

Well, then.

Attempt number two:

Hey! That’s more like it. I went ahead and signed this one for future collectors.

I added the ice cream cone to distract from the fact that this drawing is only slightly better than the previous take. Please, pay no attention to the totally wrecked ring finger or the very long pinky. That happened because I’m left-handed. Yep.

If you’ve got a few minutes to spare, it’s a fun little experiment. I felt like I could keep watching and trying, and probably get better every time. The second try is the most lifelike hand I’ve ever drawn in my life, so that’s something.

There is one small problem, though. A very important digit isn’t quite accounted for, according to @ghostbat68:


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