These Viral Images Of A Breast Milk Science Experiment Reveal Something Amazing

Breastfeeding is a hotly debated topic in our society. Whether it is a mom being told she can’t nurse in public, a mom being told her child is too old to nurse, a mom being told she can’t look at her phone while nursing, or moms being shamed for not being able to breastfeed—it seems like moms just can’t win!

In fact, a recent study from the University of Liverpool found that moms “experience negative emotions such as guilt, stigma and the need to defend their feeding choices regardless of how they feed their baby.” Yep, so whether we opt for formula, breast milk or a combo of both, our self-worth can take a major hit…all because we are feeding our babies! Crazy, right?

Well, finally here is some indisputable good news on the breastfeeding front. An amazing science experiment that has gone viral shows the awe-inspiring power of mama’s milk. Microbiology student Vicky Greene performed a very cool experiment that gave us a visual illustration of just how powerful breastmilk really is.

Greene put the bacteria M. Luteus in nine petri dishes. Then, she took breast milk from two different nursing moms, one of whom was nursing a 15-month-old, and one of whom was nursing a 3-year-old. She then took pictures of the results as time progressed, and the findings were pretty awesome! You can actually see how the breast milk is battling the M. Luteus—killing off the germs and basically kicking major bacteria butt!

Wow. Researchers have long told us how powerful breast milk is (studies have suggested that breastfeeding helps to make babies smarter and healthier), but it really brings the magic of mama’s milk into sharp focus when you can see it killing bacteria right before your very eyes.

The coolest part of this study is that Greene did not just use milk from moms nursing newborns. She chose moms who are doing “extended” breastfeeding (nursing into toddlerhood and beyond), which is quite controversial in our society. These moms are often scoffed at and shamed for their decision to continue nursing, and some people argue that there is no benefit for babies to continue breastfeeding past their first birthday. However, this study proves otherwise—not to mention, it’s just an awesome testament to how powerful women (especially moms!) really are.

[h/t: Scary Mommy]