This touching viral post pays tribute to friends who will drop everything to support you


As adults, life’s demands sometimes make it difficult — if not downright impossible — to see and connect with our friends as often as we’d like. However, when the going gets tough, a special friend who makes the effort to be there can make all the difference.

Kimberly Adams, the author of the Northern Colorado Moms Blog, took to Facebook to illuminate how important this type of friend is. In a now-viral post, Adams praised her friend who told her she was “on the way” when she needed her.

“I am currently walking through the hardest season of my life, and as Mamas we feel like we’ve always gotta put on our big girl pants just muscle through,” she wrote. “Never let ’em see you sweat, right? Oh girl … if there’s one thing this season has taught me, it’s that that sort of lie is terribly dangerous to believe.”

Adams explained that when she called a friend to talk about a hard day, they asked what she needed and wanted most. Adams told her friend that she didn’t want to be alone, and her friend responded simply, “I’m on my way.”

“I started in with all of the reasons she couldn’t and shouldn’t come,” Adams wrote. “‘My house is a disaster.’ ‘I don’t want to burden you.’ ‘It’s such a long drive.'”

But her friend insisted that she just wanted to be there for her in her time of need. She made good on her promise, and even picked up another friend on her way. They brought Adams lunch, and greeted her with big hugs when they arrived. They even helped Adams clean her house.

“They let me cry, they made me laugh, we listened to music, and most importantly … I. Wasn’t. Alone,” she wrote.


Adams finished her post by encouraging other moms to lean on their own friends. “I know there’s someone in your life who will say to you ‘I’m on my way,’ if only you’d ask.”

Adams also reminded readers that if someone they know is struggling, they should be the one to say, “I’m on my way.”

Her post now has more than 64,000 reactions, more than 35,000 comments and more than 115,000 shares, with many people expressing gratitude for their own #onthewayfriends.

What do you think of Adams’ advice? Do you have an “I’m on my way” friend?

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