This video of a bear playing the piano will make you laugh

When you think of someone invading your home, your first guess is probably a criminal.

But would you ever in a million years guess a black bear? One Colorado woman shows us it can happen. And she has video to prove it.

Katie Hawley, 21, was away on May 31 when, unbeknownst to her, a black bear made its way into her apartment located in Vail, Colorado. When she returned, she noticed parts of her apartment had been disturbed.

She called the Vail Police Department to report burglary. But after the responding officer took a look around, much to Hawley’s surprise, he said it was likely a bear that had made it’s way into her apartment.

Local Police Detective Sgt. Luke Causey said the bear had probably climbed through an unlocked kitchen window.

Security footage from the apartment confirmed that the officer was right. It shows the bear as it rummaged through Hawley’s apartment.

But what has people talking is that as the bear was exploring, it placed its two front paws on the piano located in Hawley’s living room. Though it made a loud ‘unbearable’ noise, as you can hear in the security video, the bear seemed to not be bothered by it.

Maybe that’s because it was more focused on finding food. While in the apartment, the bear helped itself to food in the refrigerator and freezer. ]

It’s reported that the bear finished off a gallon-sized bag of frozen strawberries and bananas. It also drank pancake syrup and polished off a large sack of chocolate bark. It even used it’s paws to help itself to a jar of peanut butter.

Though the bear has now become an internet sensation, with nearly 250,000 people who’ve viewed the clip of the bear stepping on the piano keys, no one knows where it is now.

The Vail Police Department says on their website that “although officers searched the area, the suspect is still at large.” Good one, officers. Good one.