Volkswagen Unveils Design For New Pickup Truck

Out with the beetle, in with the truck. What do you think of the new look?

When you think of a pickup truck, automakers like Ford, Dodge and Chevy probably come to mind. Now, another automaker is throwing a new truck design in the lineup — and it’s probably not a company you’d expect.

German automaker Volkswagen unveiled the Atlas Tanoak pickup concept at the New York International Auto Show on March 28. That’s right —Volkswagen. You know, the people you think of when you see one of these compact little guys on the road:


The new truck concept, however, is anything but compact. The dual-cab, short-bed pickup, is 214.1 inches long and has about 10 inches of ground clearance. It also has a 276-horsepower V6 engine and is all-wheel drive.

But, before you start setting aside your hard-earned money to get the Atlas Tanoak (which is named after a species of tree found on the Pacific Coast of the U.S., by the way), you should know that the truck is still just a concept. That means there are currently no production plans and Volkswagen is just releasing the design to gauge consumer interest.

One look at the images, though, and you’ll probably be hoping the truck lands in the production lineup soon. Take a look at this cool truck!


The truck is based on the Atlas SUV, also by Volkswagen, but is completely redesigned, including the front of the truck being made to look more rugged to keep up “with a pickup truck’s mission,” the company says.

Like other pickups, the back of the Atlas Tanoak features a low-hinged tailgate. When open, you get an additional 26.1 inches of cargo space, making it 90.2 inches in total.


Inside, you’ll find digital controls, a touchscreen infotainment system and seating for five. Other special features include a movable cargo rail over the bed and high-gloss 20-inch wheels that use contrasting aluminum and black coloring.


Volkswagen doesn’t say if there’s anything potential customers can do to make sure this truck gets manufactured, but if it gets enough interest, perhaps there’s a chance! If you’re loving it, you can follow the company on Twitter for updates.

What do you think? Would you buy the Atlas Tanoak if it becomes more than just a concept?