This VW Bus May Be The Coolest Kids Bed Ever

Growing up, I had a pretty standard kids’ bedroom. Bed, nightstand, desk, dresser. That’s it. Oh, and the middle of the floor was covered with Major Matt Mason toys and Hot Wheels. I never imagined you could get a bedroom setup like this, and back then, well, you couldn’t.

Now, you can. Talk about taking a road trip—while you sleep! This is quite possibly the ultimate kids’ bed. Let’s be clear: Yep, you park this Volkswagen bus-inspired bed in your kid’s room! Best part? No gasoline bills. Meet the “Bun Van,” made by Circu.

The exterior is made from fiberglass with chrome-plated finishes; the inside is made in a rosewood veneer. So let’s take a look around, right?

Got a fridge in there for late night snacks. Yoo-hoo would be my beverage of choice.


Nice big bed in back with plenty of room to assemble your stuffed animal army. OK, men! Here’s how it’s gonna be. We raid the pizza in the kitchen at 23 hundred hours. Who’s with me?


Storage space right there built into the walls.


Pretty sure you could wangle some personalized plates for the back. “MYVWBUS,” maybe.


Plenty more storage space up front for your stuff. Army soldiers, Star Wars toys, you know. The important stuff.



Now the big question here is: What does this awesome creation cost? The price is available upon request. We’ve reached out and will update this post once we hear back. Stay tuned!