Why Walk When You Can Ride Your Suitcase Through The Airport?

We’ve all made that mad dash through the airport because we were running late. No one likes to be the person running through terminals, but sometimes it has to be done.

Well, getting from security to your gate could become much easier, if you’re willing to pay for it. Because one innovative company has created the Modobag, a suitcase you can ride (yes, ride) through the airport. The motorized suitcase will run you $995 if you back it on Indiegogo.


I know, I know. You’re thinking that’s a lot of money for a suitcase. But it does reach up to 8 mph (average walking speed is about 3.1 mph), comes equipped with handlebars and makes your airport-navigating life so much easier.

So, if you find yourself traveling a lot—and don’t mind looking a touch goofy in the airport—this could be just the bag for you.


The bag has a motor inside, so it weighs 19 pounds on its own. While it is carry-on compliant, this isn’t going to be a bag you can load up with a ton of extra weight. But, it will be your best friend when it comes to zooming around while trying to find a Starbucks that’s close to your gate.

Check out exactly how this piece of luggage works:

Just imagine. That could be you rolling through the airport with ease. Zoom! Zoom!

[h/t: Real Simple]