Walmart Is Replacing Its Employees’ Signature Blue Vests With A New Style

You can always be guaranteed to see at least two things when you walk into a Walmart: low prices and tons of employees walking around in blue vests. Well, one of those sights is about to change.

The retail giant has announced that it is changing the style of the classic vests worn by Walmart employees in every store. Apparently, it’s a move that the employees themselves requested after getting tired of the same old, same old.

“They’ve been saying for a while now that the vests need a new look,” Walmart stated in a press release this week. “So we’re giving that old vest a new look.”

walmart vest photo
Getty Images | Tim Boyle

The company’s new look for its legion of employees will still be a vest, but now it will feature a more neutral, steel-gray fabric that is lined with a bright pop of color that ensures workers are easy to spot. The new vests also say “Proud Walmart Associate” on the right side of the chest and feature bold versions of Walmart’s spark logo on the right pocket and the back in the same color that lines the vest.

In promotional images of the new vests, the bright colors available for accents included blue, green and pink.


The colors apparently signify which type of Walmart store the employee works at. Walmart Supercenter employees will get the ones with blue trim and Walmart Neighborhood Market employees will get the ones with green trim, for example. Every employee will get a new vest at some point this year, according to the press release, and they will also be able to buy new ones in an even greater array of colors.

“Uniforms are important, but looking exactly like everyone else isn’t,” Walmart’s release said. “We all want to be able to express who we are and the new Walmart vest will allow associates to do just that.”

The company says the additional vests will be available at a maximum price of $11 each for employees.


Other perks of the new uniform include bigger pockets and the fact that they are made from a sustainable fabric that’s created out of recycled bottles.

It’s truly the end of an era.