Walmart’s grown-up version of Dunkaroos looks delicious

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What comes to mind when you think of your favorite childhood snack? Fruit Roll-Ups are pretty high on the list for me—but the ultimate snack from my youth was Dunkaroos.

Kids of the ’90s (and parents of those kids) know what I’m talking about. Those little kangaroo-shaped cookies you dipped in frosting, all packaged neatly in a tiny tray for taking on the go—which back then meant riding your Razor scooter around the neighborhood.

Ah, the ’90s.

Walmart Reinvents Dunkaroos

If you too were a Dunkaroo aficionado, I have some excellent news: the snack is back … kind of. According to Instagram food reviewer @JunkBanter, Walmart is now selling something called Dunk ’N Crunch, which is pretty much a grown-up version of Dunkaroos.

“I know I could do this myself. I know that the Dunkaroos were in us all along. But thank you for putting it all in one package for me again so I don’t have to,” JunkBanter wrote in an Instagram post that’s been liked more than 13,000 times in a matter of days. “Yeah the cookies are different and the frosting is thicker, but whatevs. I actually like your take on it with shortbread cookies.”

What A Deliciously Grown-Up Idea!

Just like that person, I too have thought about recreating them myself, but there is something way more magical about someone else doing the work. And, of course, being able to pack it in our (totally grown-up) lunch.

Dunk ‘N Crunch Sightings Shared

Plenty of people seem more than happy to give Walmart their money to get a taste of this not-so-new yummy combination of frosting and cookies.

Unwrapped Daily, a food-loving, food-posting couple on Instagram, gave a rave review after they spotted the confection near Cincinnati, Ohio. They admit to never having the original Dunkaroos, but they had some sweet words for the latest version.

ArtTreat21 on Instagram called the Dunk N’ Crunch a “knock off.” But he didn’t seem to judge them down for the count despite their copycat status.

Want To Make Your Own Dunkable Cookie Creation?

A single order of Dunk ‘N Crunch costs about $3, according to Walmart’s website, but if you’re a 21st Century DIYer, you can totally make it on your own. You can go the route I’ve taken of just dipping cookies in a tub of frosting—I mean, what? I haven’t done that. Nope … Or can follow one of the many recipes online.

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Betty Crocker, the company behind Dunkaroos, offers a recipe that amounts simply to its own Rainbow Chip frosting and a pack of graham crackers. Meanwhile, a recipe from the blog Spend With Pennies uses Teddy Grahams (another fav!) as the cookie—or anything else you’d like to dunk. And it might be a bit easier on your adult stomach than a Dunkaroo, as it uses Funfetti cake mix, Cool Whip and nonfat plain Greek yogurt.

It has Greek yogurt in it, guys! Obviously, that means it’s healthy.

For now, excuse me while I take a Walmart run—after feeding my Tamagotchi.

Can the Dunk ‘N Crunch replace Dunkaroos in your heart or is there just no substitute for the original?

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