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Walmart Is Increasing Truck Drivers’ Pay To Almost $90,000—And They’re Hiring

Could this be your new gig?

If you enjoy being on the road and are looking for a job, you may want to check out Walmart. Not only are they hiring hundreds of new truck drivers, but they have also increased the pay for drivers to nearly $90,000 a year.

This hiring surge is in addition to 1,400 drivers hired in 2018, as Walmart is experiencing growth and there is a need to fill jobs quickly, but there is also an industry-wide shortage when it comes to drivers. To help expedite the process, Walmart has also changed its orientation policies so that the time between a candidate’s initial interview and the mandatory driving assessment has been cut in half.

This means that if you’re interested in one of the jobs and qualified to drive for Walmart, you’ll be working pretty soon.

walmart truck photo
Getty Images | Justin Sullivan

New hires must have at least 30 months of experience in the past three years and a clean safety record. If hired, you will attend week-long training where new hires observe veteran drivers and then practice those skills. You will be expected to “master” the skills before you can begin driving.

“Safety is everything. Courtesy to drivers on the road is paramount. Professionalism at all times is demanded,” Vinny Faller, a Walmart fleet driver and assessor at one of the onboarding facilities said in a press release. “There’s no substitute for these three principles.”

Drivers’ pay will increase in February by one cent per mile, along with additional pay for every arrival, bringing the total to an average of $87,500 per year and a rate of close to 89 cents per mile. Walmart also says the job includes a regular work schedule and the average length of a haul is 300 miles, so you’ll be able to “reset” at home instead of on the road.

walmart truck photo
Getty Images | Justin Sullivan

You can find out more information about truck-driving for Walmart by visiting the website. Will you be applying for a job?