Walmart Is Now Offering A Kids’ Subscription Stylebox

One of the most expensive things about having a child is that they outgrow their clothing so quickly. One day something fits, the next day it’s time to get rid of it. And what does that mean? Lots and lots of money, of course.

If you have a child who grows like a weed and you would rather not spend a fortune on clothes, you may want to check out the new stylebox from Walmart that will ensure your child has new clothes up to six times a year for up to 50 percent off the suggested retail price of the items inside.

The new Walmart Kidbox stylebox is the store’s first kids’ subscription stylebox full of more than 120 premium kids brands like BCBG, Butter Super Soft, C&C California and Puma. The stylebox will include four to five fashion items for $48, which is about 50 percent off the suggested retail price for the group of bundled items.


While you can order a box and schedule delivery on demand, you can also sign up for automatic shipments of up to six boxes a year, which will be tied to the seasons and include new looks for your kids to head back to school and holiday apparel. Sizes range from 0-14 for girls and 0-16 for boys, and the clothing items will range from sweaters and denim to dresses and graphic T-shirts.

To get started, just go to to fill out a survey about your child’s style preference. Then, a box will be curated by a Kidbox stylist and delivered right to your door. Easy peasy!


For every Walmart Kidbox purchased, Kidbox will also clothe a child in need through a partnership with Delivering Good. So, not only will you be ensuring your child always has something to wear, but you’ll be helping a child in need as well.

“Over the last year, we have significantly expanded our portfolio of kids’ fashion brands as part of our broader effort to establish as a destination for fashion. Our partnership with KIDBOX enables us to round out our offering with additional national and premium kids’ brands,” Denise Incandela of Walmart U.S. eCommerce said in a press release.


Will you be signing up for a Kidbox subscription for your child?