Want A Better Night’s Sleep? Try These Five Yoga Poses Before Bed

We’re all guilty of going to bed restless from time to time. It’s a habit that’s hard to break. However, it is possible to go to bed soundly every night. All you have to do is stretch beforehand.

In fact, there are many key yoga poses that can help improve your sleep. These poses work by stretching the muscles, releasing pent-up tension, and reducing your body’s stress. What more could you ask for before you hit the hay? Here are five yoga poses that will help you to have your best night of sleep yet.

1. Child’s Pose


Your lower back is a key area where your body likes to hold in stress and tension. Release those tight muscles by stretching those lower muscles. Simply sit with your knees to the floor, and place your torso forward against the ground. Instantly, you’ll feel these muscles extend, and release that stored tension.

2. Forward Fold


Feeling the tension just about everywhere? Release your inner stress by doing a forward fold. Sit with your legs extended in front of you, while your feet are flexed upwards.

From here, raise your arms, and fold your torso forward. As you bend forward the floor, stretch your arms past your toes to really stretch all of your muscles.

3. Seated Spine Twist


Further your nighttime stretches by incorporating in this seated spine twist. Simply cross one leg over the other, and bring the other leg in towards your backside.

From here, twist your spine towards the side of the folded leg. This opposing resistance will help to stretch the muscles to their fullest. Make sure to complete this move on both sides in order to feel the pose’s full effect.

4. Wall Sits


While this pose may seem simple, it works wonders for sore backs and legs. Place your backside against the wall, and lower your back fully against the floor.

Make sure that your backside is completely against the wall, and begin to flex and point your toes. The movement will help to open up the body, and release tension from head to toe.

5. Pigeon Pose


Finish your stretching with this calming pose. Start by crossing one bended leg in front of you, and extending the other backwards. From here, roll your torso forward towards your bended knee. This will help to stretch your back, legs, and arms. It’s the perfect way to release any remaining tension.

Images: Giphy; Jill WedmoreSarahBethYoga,Crane & Canopy