The Ultimate Road Trip: A Proposed Super Highway Between New York and London

World Road Trip3

In college, friends and I often took road trips to visit friends at other schools and see sights from around the country. And packing the car and going on an adventure isn’t just what college kids do.  It is estimated that over 90 million Americans take road trips each year.

For years, adventure seekers have made epic trips from places like NYC to Los Angeles, and Dallas to Mexico City. Limited by the big oceans, we haven’t been able to travel outside North and South America.

That barrier may be a thing of the past and the ultimate road trip from New York to London could be a possibility. Vladimir Yakunin is the head of Russian Railways and he’s got a big dream.

According to CNN, he is proposing a superhighway that will allow transportation from Nome, Alaska to Russia by crossing the Bering Strait. The highway will then take travelers to Moscow and ultimately end in London.

Dubbed the Trans-Eurasian Belt Development (TEPR), “a theoretical drive from London to Alaska via Moscow might cover about 12,978 kilometers (8,064 miles),” reports CNN. In total, if you traveled from New York to London, you would cover approximately 12,910 miles.

winter road in the Russian steppe, snow drifting

The means of how Yakinin intends to get travelers across the Behring Strait have yet to be released. Between Russia and mainland Alaska, the Strait is 55 miles wide. Will it be a bridge? Tunnel? Perhaps a ferry?

In theory, if you were to make the trek, you’d need to get your oil changed a few times along the way. That’s a lot of bathroom stops. Could you imagine how many times the kids would ask, “Are we there yet?”

Right now, the plans haven’t been approved, and with Yakinin estimating the cost to be trillions of dollars, no one has generously stepped up to foot the bill.