Want To Watch TV Or Read While Lying Down? These Periscope Glasses Are For You


Have you ever wanted to lie on your back on the couch, yet you also want to see your TV screen or book – and without being in an awkward position? Now, with these high definition periscope glasses from Chbmart, you can. You simply put the glasses on and, thanks to 90-degree angle of the glasses, you’ll be able to see the TV—or the print of the book you’re reading—just fine while you lie flat. Amazing, huh?

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And if you wear glasses, these periscope ones just slip right over them. Easy.

They’re perfect for an everyday person or for those who have back or neck ailments and, as a result, have limited movements. They have a high-impact TR-90 plastic frame and temple and glass lenses. And, they help protect you from radiation.

People seem to love them. Some wear them for leisure:

“I would recommend these to anyone that has ‘Tech Neck,’” said an anonymous Amazon user. “Yes, that pain in the neck you have from bending over to read your phone or watch media on your tablet. These are amazing. Just look forward and put your phone/tablet in your lap and enjoy your FB or videos. Will definitely relieve ‘Tech Neck’ pain.”

While others wear them due to medical situations.

“A condition requiring my feet to be higher than my heart occurred,” said Amazon user PA. “…So NOW, I could lie back, put the prism glasses over my regular progressives, and COMFORTABLY watch TV. The prisms also so shut out light and distraction from other sources. AND, I could sleep without anyone being aware that I wasn’t watching TV :). These things are GREAT for what I needed.”

The best part? The super low price—just $4.48 and free shipping. I’m sold.

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