This easy white almond sour cream cake is super simple and perfect for summer

WASC cake topped in flowers

Now that summer is finally here, you’ve probably been invited to a few picnics, barbecues or evening dinner parties to enjoy with friends and family. If you need a dessert to bring to one of these occasions, you’ll want something that’s sweet but not too rich — and preferably, something easy to whip together. How about giving the classic white almond sour cream cake (also known as a WASC cake) a try?

We know that sour cream leans towards the more savory side of the menu (think dips and chips, a creamy taco topping and more.) However, sour cream often gets added to baked goods such as cookies, bread and cakes to prevent dryness and to provide a little counterbalance to all the sweetness in a dessert.


The White Almond Wedding Cake from AllRecipes is a classic take on a traditional recipe but uses a few modern conveniences to make prep easier and more time-efficient.

Right off the bat, you’ll notice that this WASC cake recipe begins with a boxed cake mix. Baking purists may roll their eyes, but there is so much you can do with a boxed cake mix to give your dessert more flavor and better texture.

To make this delicious WASC cake, you’ll need an 18.25-ounce box of white cake mix, a cup of sour cream and other staples you probably already have in your pantry.

As far as decorating or topping your WASC cake, the possibilities are endless. You can choose to do a light “crumb coat” of frosting that will leave the cake partially visible, as in the photo above. Or you can decide to do a lovely white frosting to keep the light theme consistent throughout your cake. You can also do layers.


The WASC cake recipe on Allrecipes will give you all the specifics for the amount needed for each ingredient, as well as the mixing and baking directions. You’ll only need just over an hour from start to finish to make a cake that is perfect for a birthday party, a wedding or just a casual get-together where you want something a little special to indulge in for dessert.

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