Watch 4 of the funniest dog videos of 2017

Videos go viral for all sorts of reasons. But viral dog videos? Those might be some of the best.

Viral Hog and Jukin Media took a look at their top-performing videos in 2017 at our request, and these four candid canine clips were among those that rose to the top. Get ready to chuckle.

Dog Tucks Baby In For the Night

In this adorable video, a miniature pinscher uses his snout to fold up a blanket around a sleeping baby lying on a bed.

The little dog does a good job of getting the blanket all the way up and around its small charge without covering the baby’s face.

The video of this Nana dog’s bedtime routine has been viewed more than a million times since it was posted.

Now if only we could all have a personal blanket assistant to tuck us in at night.

Tiny Dog Picks Out Toy Twice Her Size

Back in March 2017, Vickie Sheffer Adkins Fulton posted a Facebook video of her 8-year-old Yorkshire terrier, Lucy, getting her newest toy from the pet store.

The tiny Yorkie is seen impatiently waiting at the checkout line to get her paws on a large Lamb Chop stuffed animal twice her size.

After the video went viral, much to Fulton’s surprise, she posted again saying that “this is not the first shopping trip for Lucy, we don’t do this on a regular basis but occasionally! The more she has shopped the bigger the toy gets and the bigger the toy gets the higher the price!”

“She will strut out that door like she is on a mission and heads straight for the car.”

The clip has now been viewed more than 22 million times on Fulton’s Facebook page. It also got the attention of the company that makes the jumbo Lamb Chop toy, which then sent Lucy a note with some goodies.

Seems Lucy has doggie preferences that extend beyond toys, like soft, secluded spots to hide out from Christmas merriment.

Squirrel Evades Dog In Tree Chase

A cheeky squirrel outwitted a large black dog in a slow-speed tree trunk chase captured in this viral video.

“My dog Mela saw a squirrel on the tree,” wrote David Wagner, the original video poster. “They started playing catch and continued over 5 minutes.”

Instead of running up to the top of the tree where Mela couldn’t get it, the spritely red squirrel hops round and round the trunk, seeming to taunt the dog, who can’t quite get at it.

“No worries – the squirrel has survived on the top of tree,” Wagner reported.

The one that got away.

16 Golden Retrievers Go For a Swim

It’s no fun to swim alone. Or at least this pack of 16 Golden retrievers in Samut Songkhram, Thailand, certainly enjoy the group water time.

In the video, the happy group of Goldens dive in after their owner, barking and splashing as they doggie paddle their way across a narrow canal.

The dogs “love to go swimming with their owner,” according to the video.