Watch an artist turn copper wire into a bonsai tree

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Watching a good artist at work can be truly captivating. That’s certainly the case when watching English artist Andy Elliott, who used 1,000 feet of copper wire to create an extremely intricate sculpture of a bonsai tree. The level of detail he’s able to achieve with the branches and leaves is seriously impressive.  When you see the finished product, it’s hard to believe he made it with just his own two hands and the aid of a few tools.

Watch Elliott’s process in the video below. Prepare to be mesmerized:

What a stunning sculpture! Elliott says his work started as a form of therapy for him and grew from there.

“I specialize in creating tree sculptures from strands of wire. I began crafting trees as a therapeutic hobby and gradually developed the craft. With the help of Kickstarter and social media I was able to share my work with the world,” he writes on his website.

Elliott’s creations are available for purchase through Etsy. Here’s an example of a smaller sculpture, priced at $140.71:


The most expensive piece for purchase is this large planted informal bonsai wire sculpture, which measures 36cm tall by 23cm wide and comes in an acacia wooden bowl with decorative pebbles. It’s priced at $1,217.11:


To see more of Elliott’s work, you can follow him on Instagram and and YouTube. To give you a taste of what you might find there, here’s a still shot of one of Elliott’s trees before it becomes more than just a mass of copper wires:

And here’s another shot of him with one of the tools of his trade:

How incredible is that?

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