Watch Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani put on a free impromptu concert at a bar

On July 3, Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton were married after six years of dating and announcing their engagement in October of 2020. The ceremony took place at Shelton’s ranch in Tishomingo, Oklahoma. A little less than two weeks later, the newlyweds surprised residents of the small town with a spur-of-the-moment concert at a local bar.

It might not have been a complete curveball to folks in the town of about 3,000, as Shelton is the owner of Ole Red, the restaurant and pub that served as the venue for the laid-back show. The 45-year-old country singer and his 51-year-old bride set up a couple of stools on the bar’s stage and performed in casual attire before a full house.

Local radio station 93.1 Katy Country streamed a brief video of the concert on Facebook Live, which you can view here:

You can watch more on the 93.1 Katy Country website, including Stefani belting out tunes from her No Doubt days.

Word gets around quickly in a small town like Tishomingo, but it probably helped that Shelton took to Twitter to invite folks to the free concert.

“I’ve got some shows coming up soon so I’m gonna be rehearsing today around 4 CT at @OleRed’s The Doghouse in Tishomingo,” he tweeted. “Come on out and get yourself a drink if you’re bored. I repeat it’s only a rehearsal… It may not be good but at least it’s free!”

In fact, the show was such a hit (and apparently such fun for the couple) that they decided to do it again. So this morning, Shelton announced they would hold another rehearsal performance today at Ole Red.

“That was a blast yesterday!!! Let’s do it again today at @OleRed’s The Doghouse in Tishomingo,” he tweeted. “Rehearsal starts around 4:30! It’s not a show but it’s fun! And free…”

So if you are in the area and want to catch a free live show (and a glimpse of the celebrity newlyweds), get yourself to Tishomingo ASAP. If not, at least you can enjoy the streaming videos.

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